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Frequently Asked Questions:

I have "Download Accelerator" installed, and the movies don't work!

    "Download Accelerator" is not currently completely compatible with QuickTime. Luckily, this can be easily fixed. You should configure Download Accelerator to leave QuickTime movie files alone by selecting "Open DAP options screen" from the DA options popup button, and then under the "General" heading, delete MOV from the list of file extensions that Download Accelerator will try to handle. Download Accelerator will then work correctly, and still speed up the retrieval of other files.

I can't install QuickTime -- the installer says I need an Administrator password?

    If you're running a system with WindowsNT or XP, you'll need to have an administrator password to install QuickTime. This is not a problem on your home computer. In a work or hospital situation, your local IT department should give you this password if you need it - or ask them to update your systems with QuickTime.

I can't install QuickTime -- the installer waits for a long time, then stops and says that it can't make a connection.

    Although this may mean that your network is too busy (you can try the installation again to be sure), the likely problem is your firewall setup which is preventing the installer from connecting to the QuickTime installation site. If you know the firewall information, you can enter it into the QuickTime installer in the appropriate area. Otherwise, there is a special 'Stand Alone' QuickTime installer available here which does not require a network connection during installation, and so avoids this problem.

    (Note that the MedicalRounds website has no such firewall problems.)

Why is there a pause when the presentation window opens up?

    Your computer must download enough of the presentation to have the information required to start the talk. This varies with the presentation, but is generally a small amount, about 100K to 250K. The player software is designed to evaluate your connection speed, and allow the presentation to begin playing at a time when the it estimates you will be able to watch it through without pauses. In addition, some talks have a few seconds of title slide before the audio portion begins.

    All the presentations are set to start automatically. If you click on the presentation window before it starts, you can actually stop the presentation, so please be patient. Note that even if you pause the presentation, the computer continues to retrieve more data, so clicking again will restart it - handy if you need to get a fresh cup of coffee!

The presentation window opens, but the presentation doesn't work!

    If you click on your monitor size and a window opens, you're nearly there. If you see the blue QuickTime logo appear, then you just need to wait a few seconds for the presentation to start automatically.

    If you don't see a blue QuickTime logo, then you should click here to test your QuickTime installation.

    If you're still having problems, then send email to and we'll try to help!

The presentation window never opens!

    If you click on a monitor size and no window opens, you probably need to enable 'JavaScript" in your Internet browser's preferences. If that doesn't fix the problem, then your browser is likely outdated. You can upgrade to current version of your browser at Microsoft or Netscape. If you're still having problems, then send us some email; we'll try to help!

I can't log in! It doesn't seem to work!

    First, make sure you're entering your email address and password correctly. Check the CAPS LOCK key, in particular. If this doesn't work, you have turned off "cookies" on your browser security settings. Many web applications, including the ones on MedicalRounds, work correctly only if cookies are enabled.

Can I view these presentations if I have a modem connection to the Internet?

I have a Windows-based computer, and the sound is garbled. What's wrong?

  • Probable cause is insufficient sound buffer size:
  • Go to Start->Control Panel->Quicktime Settings
  • select "sound out" from the pop-up menu. Make sure it's on "Direct Sound", 44.1KHz, 16bit stereo.
  • select the "Options" button, and increase the value of "Fifo size in milliseconds" to 3x what it is currently set at. That's likely changing 60 to 180.
  • Restart your computer to make the new setting take hold.

I have a Windows-based computer. I can hear the sound, but the images look garbled, or I see only a green or pink screen! What's wrong?

  • Probable cause is hardware acceleration incompatibility:
  • Go to Start->Control Panel->Quicktime Settings
  • select "Video Settings" from the pop-up menu.
  • select "Safe Mode (GDI Only)".
  • Restart your computer to make the new setting take hold.
  • If that solves the problem, you can try adding in hardware acceleration options from this window in a stepwise fashion if you wish to speed up your QuickTime video display.

I keep getting an 'Install Quicktime?' dialog box over and over - why?

    We have seen this problem happen on some machines. The solution is to click 'Cancel' to exit the loop, then install Quicktime from here.

I like these presentations and want to do some of my own. How?

Why does this site use QuickTime? All the other sites I've seen use RealPlayer or Windows Media Player?

    Actually, we get asked this question fairly often...we use QuickTime because it's the best format for online presentations, and we hope you'll agree! Multimedia formats are going through a period of fairly severe competition; this site uses QuickTime for several very important reasons, however. First of all, it's compatible with all the different consumer computer systems out there. In our testing, QuickTime comes up as the most compatible format over and over, and we like to reach the broadest possible audience! Secondly, QuickTime is a true 'rich media' format. You'll see movies, animations, and action embedded in the presentations on this site, unlike most of the other formats out there. If presenters start to include interactivity, you'll see that too. Third, and perhaps most importantly, streaming is still a pretty frustrating experience for many users. If the firewalls don't foil their attempts to view an online presentation, then the video and audio often start and stop so much as to make the whole experience a nightmare. With our presentations using QuickTime, you receive a complete, clean version that you can view at full quality even over a modem link, and jump around, back and forth, as you wish with no 'buffering' troubles.

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Dr. Kenneth Cunningham Vancouver

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